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Chiropody Clinic

The Chiropody Clinic at Providence Healthcare is specialized in the assessment, treatment, and prevention of diseases or disorders of the foot by therapeutic, surgical, orthotic or palliative means by registered chiropodists. This includes treatment of common problems like corns, calluses, plantar warts, fungal or infected nails, ingrown or thickened toenails, athlete’s foot, heel pain, and diabetic or chronic non-healing ulcers.

The onsite chiropodists are trained in performing biomechanical assessments and gait analysis to prescribe proper custom orthotics to help alleviate many foot, knee, hip, and or back symptoms. Custom-made orthotics are prescribed, cast, and dispensed by the chiropodists. The clinic works with an accredited lab to fabricate the medical device.

The chiropody clinic welcomes all patients. No referral is necessary.


Providence’s retail pharmacy is open to patients, families, and the public. In addition to filling prescriptions, the pharmacy provides over-the-counter and custom-fit compression stockings. Compression products must be professionally measured by certified fitters to ensure the best fit and reduction of symptoms. Our staff have been trained to both fit and select the best products for you.

We carry competitively-priced non-prescription items such as vitamins, supplements, skin creams, and other common non-prescription medications. Our Pharmacy team is on hand to assist with any prescriptions you need filled for yourself or your family, providing consultations on medication reviews as needed. Our pharmacy will send a copy of your medication discharge plan to your family doctor, as well as the pharmacy of your choice, to make your transition of care as seamless as possible.