KIROMEDICA Health Centre

KIROMEDICA Health Centre offers professional health care services to the local community including Chiropractic, Physiotherapy, Acupuncture, Registered Massage Therapy, and Chiropody.

We are a unique health company incorporating the evidence modern science provides for healing and rehabilitation while giving the best possible care using traditional therapists and complementary medicine.  We incorporate a multi-practitioner approach to an individual’s well-being by offering a complete range of disciplines to achieve a truly integrated patient-centered environment.

Whether you have been injured or want to stay on top of your health, the team at KIROMEDICA Health Centre is here to serve you.  With the guidance of our knowledgeable practitioners, we hope to empower you and help you meet your health needs, from injury rehabilitation to addressing and investigating various health issues that may be altering your physical or mental state of well-being.

If you were injured through your daily activities, from work-related activities to sport recreational activities, are undergoing surgery, or you require a place for recovery from injuries related to a motor vehicle accident – we are here to provide you help through this process.
Please drop in and visit us for a quick tour and consultation or call us for an appointment.