John’s Orthopedic Specialties Inc.

For over 43 years, John’s Orthopedic Specialties Inc. has provided a wide range of home health care products, all orthopedic braces, compression stockings, custom orthotics, orthopedic shoes, and mobility aids.

Our family-owned business offers one-on-one service, and our past customers seem to appreciate our process. We strive to understand your everyday needs, as well as the specifics of your medical condition to provide the most beneficial solution. Our team of experts can customize our braces and products according to each patient, and we even manufacture specialized orthopedic appliances based on your personal preferences. 

Our Services: From children to seniors, we can assist patients of all ages. For more information, please feel free to contact us. We offer all of the following:
  • Customization of braces
  • Orthopedic appliances manufacturing
  • Custom/non-custom knee bracing
  • Medical compression stockings
  • Sports medicine products
  • All orthopedic bracing/appliances (back, knee, etc.)
  • Custom foot orthotics
  • Orthopedic shoes
  • Mobility aids (canes, crutches, walkers, etc.)
  • Home health care products