Ambulatory Footwear

Ambulatory Footwear is made up of a team of Canadian Certified Pedorthists and Orthopaedic Shoemakers located in Dundas (West Hamilton), Ontario.

We are an on-site manufacturer/provider of custom-made orthotics, custom-made orthopaedic shoes, boots, and lower extremity bracing. We offer a limited selection of remedial orthopaedic shoes, low-grade compression stockings, air casts, Darco post-op shoes, and diabetic socks. We also provide on-site shoe modifications and offer repair and maintenance service on our products.

Ambulatory Footwear has served Hamilton and the surrounding area for more than 40 years. We are an on-site orthopaedic shoemaker specializing in custom-made orthopaedic boots with built-in bracing, eliminating the need to look for a shoe that will accommodate the custom-made AFO brace work. Because our products are custom made on-site, delivery of products can be accomplished in a timely manner.

Over the years we have helped individuals with various foot aliments maintain mobility and quality of life.
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